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August 2015

Repel A Raccoon Invasion

8/27/2015 12:43:00 PM

Awwww. That raccoon is so cute. Look at how he rips the grocery bag apart and scatters the food everywhere, and how clever he was in removing the lids off the trash cans and spreading the contents across the campground. If you’ve had any of these raccoon escapades happen at your home or in your campsite, you know how hard it is to get the critters to move to other foraging grounds once they discover that source of food. Shushing them away with a broom is only temporary, and unless you like staying up all night shushing every 15 minutes, you may soon become discouraged.

10 Tips For Staying Alert Behind The Wheel

8/20/2015 2:59:00 PM

We would all like to think that we are safe drivers, able to quickly make the right decisions, react to hazards and dangers instinctively, and avoid impaired thinking due to drowsiness. But “sleep is a powerful biological drive—one that can overtake even the best driver,” according to the National Sleep Foundation. ” Rolling down the windows and turning up the radio volume—these tricks don’t work.”

Demystifying Some Common Misconceptions About RV Travel

8/13/2015 2:35:00 PM

All groups and occupations have jargon that confuses outsiders and newbies alike. The camping community is no different. If you sometimes are a jargon-challenged RVer, think what new or wannabe RVers must think when they hear the confusing utterances of RV industry insiders and bloggers. So let’s clear things up—or maybe not.

Organizing Motorhome Basements

8/6/2015 3:54:00 PM – Good Sam Extended Service Plan

Basements in motorhomes are life-savers when it comes to storage. They can store so many needed items, some that you just would not want to store within the living quarters of the coach, like a spare tire, oil, antifreeze, tool chest, lounge chairs, beach umbrella, hoses, electrical extensions, etc. But how much you can store does not just depend on the available basement volume, but really relies on exactly how you store those items.

RV Generator Maintenance

8/5/2015 9:44:00 AM – Good Sam Extended Service Plan

Many RVs are equipped with generators: gas, diesel or propane fired. Some RV AC generators operate at a fixed revolution speed of 1800 or 3600 RPM. Others are wound for DC current and operate at a veritable speed. These are equipped with a built-in inverter to convert the power to AC current. Regardless of the type and configuration, they all need regular servicing and proper operational care.

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