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7 Must-Haves For RVers On The Road

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Do you have a checklist of things you need to pack, load, or check your on-board inventory for whenever you take an RV trip? Most of us RVers do, even if that checklist is only in our heads. And, of course, those of us that rely only on our minds sometimes fall a bit short of remembering the complete list.

But whatever method you use to pack your RV, there are seven things that you should hardwire to memory, no matter if your mind goes into a temporary freeze or the dog eats your checklist.

The Essential Seven Must-Haves For RVers

1. Toilet Paper – Unless you have a supply of corncobs or old Sears catalogs, make sure someone in your family didn’t use up the last roll. Always check your supply – then double what you think you will need.
2. Peanut butter – Bring each of your family member’s favorite foods or snacks. These comfort foods are important so camping doesn’t present so much of a disconnect from daily life to induce uncomfortable cravings.
3. The co-pilot – If you’re the driver, glance over to the other seats to make sure your significant other (wife, husband, smiling teenager, or dog) is seated there. If not, you’re already in trouble. But turn around anyway and head back for the overlooked family member.
4. First-Aid Kit – This is likely something that stays on board. Its contents may get slowly used up until you run out of some important item and you don’t realize it until you need it until you are light years from the nearest Walgreens or Walmart. Check the contents before every trip against the list of what the kit comes with. If you don’t have a first aid kit, get one now.
5. Raincoats - The sun may be shining brightly when you leave, but if you are headed to the mountains or shore, unexpected wet weather can blow through without much warning, and you don’t want to have the whole family cooped up in the confines of your RV because you forgot the rain gear. If you have it, you will go out and play in the rain and it will be fun and memorable.
6. Cold weather clothing - Similarly, if you are going camping in potentially cooler locations (mountains, seacoast), you could experience colder evenings and mornings than at home. You will also spend more time outside – hiking, fishing, sitting by the campfire – so make sure every family member has multiple layers and a heavy jacket for those chilly times.
7. Bicycles for everyone - If you forget your young daughter’s two-wheeler with training wheels, nobody will go riding if she can’t.

Have a great trip.

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