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Keeping an RV Log Book

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 – Good Sam Extended Service Plan

Log books are not only common, but are a requirement on ships, aircraft and commercial vehicles. While they are not a mandatory item for a recreational vehicle, there are many owners that do maintain an RV log book. When we look at how they can be used in such an application, it is amazing that more people are not doing it.

So, what benefits can be found keeping a log of all your RV travels and events? Well, a detailed record of repairs and maintenance speaks for itself. It can help to support warranty claims, fuel mileage variations, maintenance irregularities and much more. The information can ensure regular scheduled maintenance items get done at the correct frequency while also getting the full use of each. The study of some repair records can also reveal areas that may require future attention.

The daily travel entries generally include the date, mileage and the location as well as any interesting events that occurred that day. Some people like also to record their expenses for each day. Information regarding the campground facilities and costs may later be beneficial to review.

A guest section often found in these log books serves as a great place for new friends you meet along the way to fill in. Their name, home port and rig type will ensure you will not forget them should your paths cross once again.

The RV log book proves very helpful when used in combination with maps when planning your next trip. The more information you have recorded over the years, the better the chances of reviewing past campsites, attractions or other features that you may wish to visit again.

In general, an RV log can be fun to compile. It can also provide a lot of enjoyment by bringing back many fond memories. It can be passed on to a younger generation should they also pursue the RV lifestyle and thus share the past travel journals.

It’s never too late to start your own RV log book. It can add a rich enjoyment to your RV lifestyle hobby. It can also act as a written enhancement to your trips photo gallery. Record your life journeys, and enjoy.

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