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We pick up where your manufacturer's warranty ends

The Good Sam Pay-As-You-Go Extended Service Plan For New and Used Autos, Trucks and SUVs


Chassis Coverage

Coverage applies only to the component groups listed herein.

Transmission Assembly

Drive Axle Assembly

Suspension Assembly

Steering Assembly

Dash Air Conditioning Assembly

Braking Assembly

Electrical Assembly

Heating/Cooling Assembly

Fuel Delivery Assembly

Mechanical Seals and Gaskets

Optional Coverage

Extended Seals and Gaskets

Tire Protection

Should you get an extended warranty for your car, truck or SUV or a Good Sam Extended Service Plan?
When it comes to vehicle repairs many people do not realize they have more than one coverage option. While warranty and extended warranty options are offered by most dealerships, you may not have heard of mechanical breakdown insurance from Good Sam. An Extended Service Plan from Good Sam is an insurance policy, not a warranty. Let's take a look at some of the key differentiators.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
A Good Sam Extended Service Plan offers peace of mind and security without the up-front costs associated with extended auto warranties. Plus, an Extended Service Plan from Good Sam can help cover costs after your car warranty expires. It's a true insurance product dedicated to covering parts, labor and repairs and is 100% backed by an A+ rated insurer.

Never Worry Over Major Breakdowns Or Repairs
Whether your car, truck or SUV is new or used, it qualifies for Good Sam Extended Service Plan if it's 15 years old or newer with less than 100,000 miles. When it's time for necessary repairs, you'll be worry free knowing it'll be fixed immediately, without waiting to save up for the bill. You can choose the size of your deductible: $100, $250 or $500.

A Smart Investment
Eighty percent of Good Sam Extended Service Plan policyholders file a claim for covered repairs within the first year. If you're towing a camper or 5th wheel trailer, you know it can put a lot of stress on the drivetrain. The most common auto repair covered by a Good Sam Extended Service Plan is the transmission, which can be very expensive. For this reason, mechanical breakdown insurance from Good Sam can be a wise investment, paying for itself in just one or two claims.

Regulated By the Insurance Industry*
Even the best auto warranty is only as good as the dealer backing it. If the dealership goes out of business, your warranty could be null and void. A Good Sam Extended Service Plan complies with strict insurance regulations. It's fully insured by an A+ rated underwriter.

*Mechanical Breakdown Insurance offered to all members in all states except New York and Indiana. A Vehicle Service Contract is offered to Good Sam members in New York and Indiana.