Travel Trailer Repairs

Did you know that the 3rd most common trailer repair is the waste system which can cost over $3,000! When you protect your trailer with Good Sam Extended Service Plan, your trailer repair worries become ours!

Good Sam ESP is mechanical breakdown insurance designed to protect you against costly trailer repairs. Unlike a warranty, our mechanical breakdown insurance is backed by an A+ underwriter.

So you already have a warranty? No problem. Good Sam ESP can be set up while your warranty is still in effect and once your warranty expires, ESP automatically takes over. And if you sign up while your RV is under warranty, you will pay less and you can access our travel benefits right away.

Good Sam ESP covers trailer repairs on both used and new trailers and ESP is the only trailer repair plan available directly to 5th wheel and travel trailer owners.

Good Sam ESP is chalk full of benefits such as travel expenses. If you're more than 100 miles away from home and your trailer breaks down, we'll pay $100.00 a day up to 10 days for meals and lodging.

So how does our trailer repair plan work? Simply go to any trailer repair facility and call our toll free number. We'll talk to the technician on your behalf. Once the repairs are completed and your happy with them, we'll pay the trailer repair center directly.

Learn more about how much you can save on trailer repairs!