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Better Than a Motorhome Warranty

The Good Sam Pay-As-You-Go Extended Service Plan For New and Used Motorhomes


Chassis Coverage

Coverage applies only to the component groups listed herein.

Engine Assembly

Transmission Assembly

Drive Axle Assembly

Suspension Assembly

Steering Assembly

Dash Air Conditioning Assembly

Braking Assembly

Electrical Assembly

Heating/Cooling Assembly

Fuel Delivery Assembly

Mechanical Seals and Gaskets

Optional Chassis Coverage

Extended Mechanical Seals and Gaskets

Tire Protection

Coach Coverage

Coverage applies only to the component groups listed herein.

Water Heater/Boiler Assembly

Waste System Assembly

Fresh Water System Assembly

Roof or Basement Air Conditioning Assembly

Range and Oven Assembly

L.P. Gas System Assembly

Coach Heating System Assembly

Refrigerator Assembly

Auxiliary Powerplant/Generator Assembly

Electrical Assembly

Deluxe Appliance Coverage

Factory-installed, or factory-approved dealer-installed, stationary leveling jack system

Slide-Out Room Unit(s)

PowerStep System

Entertainment Package

Mechanical Seals and Gaskets

Optional Coach Coverage

Tire Protection

Determining the best fit: an extended warranty for your Motorhome versus a Good Sam Extended Service Plan

It's an alternative you may not be aware of, however, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance coverage from a Good Sam Extended Service Plan offers coverage not available with most motorhome warranties or even extended warranties. This optional form of motorhome insurance covers you in the event of a breakdown. Let's take a deep dive look at the benefits.

Peace of Mind Over Repairs
There's peace of mind in knowing your motorhome is covered when an unavoidable repair is needed. Knowing you're covered by a Good Sam Extended Service Plan means you can enjoy your vacation without the worry and hassle of major repair bills hanging over your head.

Insurance, Not a Warranty*
Can you really put a price on security? Even the best extended warranty for a motorhome won't give you the broad coverage and protection from mechanical failure you can expect from a Good Sam Extended Service Plan. Fixed for the first three to seven years, a small monthly fee ensures you'll have comprehensive coverage for your motorhome and Good Sam will be there when you need them.

*Mechanical Breakdown Insurance offered to all members in all states except New York and Indiana. A Vehicle Service Contract is offered to Good Sam members in New York and Indiana.

Repairs Available On the Road
Many motorhome warranties put limitations on which service centers or dealerships can actually repair your RV. That's not convenient or helpful in the event you are on a long vacation, hundreds of miles away from your dealership. With the Good Sam Extended Service Plan you can have your repairs made at any service center in Canada or the U.S. and get back out on the open road! Good Sam will even pay the service center directly once the work is completed to your satisfaction.

A Smart Investment With No Lump Sum Payment
Though it's not always evident, you could be paying interest on an extended warranty if you bought it at the same time you purchased your motorhome. Not only that but, a motorhome extended warranty is typically more expensive than a Good Sam Extended Service Plan. It's a wise investment since it pays for itself with just one or two claims in most cases. Plus, with Good Sam Extended Service Plan, you'll pay monthly instead of having the huge up-front cost that comes with a warranty. Good Sam offers a choice of deductable and payment option to make sure the plan works for you.

Regulated By the Insurance Industry
Extended motorhome warranties aren't backed by insurance underwriting, which could be a serious problem if the dealer goes out of business, voiding the warranty. Your Good Sam Extended Service Plan is guaranteed through the term of your policy since it's protected by an A+ rated underwriter.

Free Motorhome Inspections
Visit any Camping World SuperCenter for a free multi-point inspection of your motorhome as often as you want. Take advantage of this valuable service before every trip to help ensure you have a trouble-free vacation.

An Umbrella of Coverage
With a motorhome warranty, many of the specific components will be covered for varying lengths of time. For example, the refrigerator might be covered for two years while the drive train is covered for five. Who can possibly keep track of different warranty lengths? With a Good Sam Extended Service Plan, you have an umbrella of coverage for all major components for the entire length of the policy.