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Tips For RVing With Pets

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 – Good Sam Extended Service Plan

RVing with pets gives you the ability to bring your entire family along for the fun. Bringing your animal companion along for the trip eliminates the anxiety of boarding your pet or asking a neighbor or friend to pet-sit. More and more RVers are traveling with their pets and finding that it makes camping even more enjoyable. It’s difficult to find campgrounds and RV parks today that don’t welcome pets.

Even still, plan your trip with pet-friendly destinations in mind. Contact the campground ahead of time to determine their policies on pets and then plan accordingly. If your lifestyle or your pet’s lifestyle cannot adapt, find a different campground.

Bring copies of vaccination records with you every time you travel with your animal. Carry a photo of your pet too. You’ll be glad you did if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of making, photocopying, and posting “lost pet” notices. Bring along your pet’s bed and favorite toys so it will feel comfortable on the road. Most animals will appreciate the adventure as much as you!

While registering at the campground, check about leash rules, dog-walk areas, “poop-scooping” policies, and local dog parks. Once you make camp, never let your pet wander and keep water within reach. Portable enclosed pens will enable your pets to enjoy the outside with you. Always clean up after your pet. Be a quiet and considerate neighbor—nothing ruins a camping experience for others like a constantly barking dog.

In selecting its list of Top Pet-Friendly RV Parks for 2014, Good Sam chose RV parks and campgrounds that feature amenities, special services, and events tailored to pet owners.

These parks offer facilities ranging from dog runs to pet washing areas and sometimes free treats and toys for canines upon check-in. Among the most luxurious pet amenities are fenced-in dog wash stations, with stainless-steel sinks, soap and warm water available to wash pets.

The American RV Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, not only receives high Good Sam ratings, but has something for every member of the family from its heated swimming pool for the kids, a spa for the adults, and a dog park for the family pet on board.

Happy camping to you and your four-footed friends.

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