Top 10 Reasons To Have A
Good Sam Extended Service Plan

1. A+ Rated

Our plan is a true insurance product, NOT a warranty. The Good Sam Extended Service Plan is backed by an A+ rated underwriter.

2. No Sudden Price Hikes

Your policy's rate will be locked in for the first three years you are a member of Good Sam Extended Service Plan.

3. Plan Transfers With Owner

Should you sell your vehicle, you may transfer your Good Sam Extended Service Plan to the next owner. Or, you can cancel it all together for the pro-rated amount.

4. Flexible Deductible and Payment Terms

Choose your deductible and select monthly payments or pay in full.

5. No Annual Mileage Restriction

Roam where you want, when you want and don't worry about racking up the miles.

6. Continuous Coverage

By enrolling in Good Sam Extended Service Plan before your manufacturer warranty expires, you are protected from any lapse of coverage when the warranty expires, and the warranties of your RV's individual components are covered as they each expire.

7. Simply Protected

With a Good Sam Extended Service Plan, your policy offers protection for the major components for the entire length of the policy.

8. Your Choice Of Repair Center

Good Sam Extended Service Plan doesn't require you to take your vehicle to any specific repair center. Good Sam Extended Service Plan will work with any service center in the U.S. or Canada.

9. RV Expertise

Backed by Good Sam Club, the largest and most trusted RV organization in the world, the Good Sam Extended Service Plan was designed with RVs in mind.

10. Cost Effectiveness

Considering the high average costs of repairs, your Good Sam Extended Service Plan may pay for itself in just one or two claims. Check out these common savings with Good Sam ESP.