What You Need to Know About the Good Sam Extended Service Plan

12/6/2022 – Good Sam

Thinking about a Good Sam Extended Service Plan?

Our RVs and vehicles give us the freedom to adventure and explore without foregoing the comfort of home. They’re our reliable means of travel to the next destination, the next campground, the next viewpoint—with the assurance that we can always get back home safely.

As owners, we know the importance of preparation. We prepare by choosing the right vehicle and RV for the trip--and the right insurance coverage and Roadside Assistance, too. Now, you can prepare with the right Extended Service Plan in the event of a breakdown anywhere along the way.

What is the Good Sam Extended Service Plan?

The Good Sam Extended Service Plan is insurance for mechanical breakdown—it’s the barrier that protects against major repair costs that aren’t covered by your auto or RV warranty. That’s the peace of mind. Most RV warranties don’t include breakdown protection, and you run the risk of massive out-of-pocket expenses without investing in additional coverage.

A gap of coverage exists for owners that the Good Sam ESP can fulfill.

The good news: our plan is comprehensive and straightforward. We want you to know who benefits from a plan like this, how it differs from an RV extended warranty or extended auto coverage, what an extended service plan covers, what it costs, and how to know if it’s the right RV service plan for you. With this information, you’re prepared to know exactly how this plan can benefit your RV, motorhome, or vehicle while saving you unnecessary expenses.

Who is this plan for?

Our customers want the most sensible, comprehensive coverage for their RVs and vehicles. That includes making use of included warranties at purchase as well as preparing extended service plans to pass the baton to when those warranties end. Our customers are those who own a used RV or vehicle and want to protect it in the best way possible, including purchasing an extended service plan that transfers to the next owner should they want to sell in the future.

Mechanical breakdown insurance is available to both new and used RVs, autos, and motorhomes.

When you purchase a Good Sam ESP for a used RV or vehicle, we don’t require an inspection—coverage begins when the paperwork is signed. However, pre-existing conditions aren’t covered.

Why would you need to purchase an additional protection when it’s already covered by the manufacturer's warranty? New RVs typically come with a 3-year PowerTrain warranty and a one-year warranty on appliances. Buying a Good Sam Extended Service Plan before your warranties expire ensures you won't have any period of lapsed coverage and that you lock in a policy at a more affordable rate while your vehicle is newer. For vehicles still with the manufacturer's warranty remaining, our plan dovetails with the original manufacturer's warranty. When each of the original manufacturer's warranties expires, you maintain continuous coverage.

Interested in learning more about who benefits from a Good Sam ESP? Explore who some of our customers are and what benefits they’ve seen.

What’s the difference between Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, Warranty, and Extended Warranty?

The biggest difference between the Good Sam Extended Service Plan and existing types of warranties comes down to coverage—and the Good Sam ESP fills a gap in coverage not provided by warranties. Let’s break it all down.

Owners are usually made aware of warranty and extended RV warranty options before leaving the sales lot. An RV warranty guarantees the manufacturer will fix repairs that stem from defective materials or improper manufacturing. An extended warranty is sold separately by the dealership and covers components after the original manufacturer's warranty expires. It can be backed by the dealer or by the plan administrator.

Most RVs come with multiple warranties, and each component, like the refrigerator, say, can have its own specific warranty. This can make coverage confusing as certain warranties fall off. Motorhomes, for example, typically have two or more separate warranties: one for the coach and one or more for the chassis components.

Good Sam ESP is a single breakdown insurance plan that covers a wide-ranging host of potential issues with your RV, motorhome, or vehicle. Similar to homeowners insurance and automobile accident insurance, mechanical breakdown insurance is a policy written to cover parts, labor, and repairs to vehicles, all in one plan. Most of what is covered are major repairs, detailed below.

Our extended service plan is less intended for smaller issues you might see: tires, for example, aren’t covered under the Good Sam ESP (see Roadside Assistance). Good Sam Extended Service Plan differs from an RV warranty because your major repairs are covered, and because it’s a single plan, meaning you get comprehensive coverage on the items included.

Plus, with Good Sam Extended Service Plan, you have more trust with your provider because we act more like insurance than we do a warranty.

Unlike an extended warranty, mechanical breakdown insurance is directed by an underwriter so your repair bills are guaranteed to get paid. If and when an extended warranty company goes out of business, you don’t have that assurance.

Do I actually need a mechanical breakdown plan?

Imagining the need for an extensive, major mechanical repair on your personal rig is easier to ignore rather than acknowledge. It happens, sure, but not to you—especially with a new purchase. We tell ourselves a major repair is an unlikely, distant possibility.

But how unlikely is it?

The Good Sam ESP is a policy that customers can afford, and the savings pay off in the end. And you lose the nagging worry about when, where, and how bad a breakdown is going to be.

For most, it comes down to risk and return—weighing the difference in paying for a protection plan vs paying for a major mechanical repair that, in most cases, will happen at some point in the lifespan of an RV.

An informed repair cost can mean the difference of thousands of dollars out of your pocket. When it comes to the major repairs your RV, motorhome, or vehicle might require in their lifespan, you won’t always be able to catch when a repair shop or mechanic is charging you beyond the labor, parts, and replacements necessary. For example, transmission repair for a motorhome can range anywhere between $4,000 to $13,000, depending on the severity and the type of motorhome. And if you happen to be traveling, you won’t always know your repair shop or their reputation. That leaves a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of cash in the balance.

The Good Sam ESP has those costs covered, regardless, and all you pay is the deductible.

What does the Extended Service Plan cover?

Mechanical breakdown insurance included in a Good Sam ESP is coverage for major failures that can occur with your RV, motorhome, or auto. These are more easily understood by separating into motorhome extended warranty insurance, trailer and fifth wheel extended warranty insurance, and extended auto coverage.

There’s an aspect to RV owners and their love of independence that translates well to the type of plan the ESP offers. This is a flexible plan that gives owners the power to choose.

Some extended warranties do not allow the customer the freedom to choose the RV repair center. With mechanical breakdown insurance, you can take your rig to any repair facility or call for a referral to one of Good Sam’s preferred providers. You have coverage wherever you go, giving you the freedom to explore with assurance.

What to review when purchasing an Extended Warranty or Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

We want RV and auto owners to enjoy the most and best coverage available. As you compare the different types of coverages available, make sure you’re asking questions to prevent any hiccups in service or, worse, any gaps in coverage that might leave you with unexpected expenses.

  • Cost of the service plan — Compare quotes to see what’s covered in the cost, how much your deductible is, and what you pay in the event of a breakdown situation.
  • Term limits — Understand how long you’ll be covered. Be on the lookout if any specific coverage is dropped earlier than others. Ensure there are no time periods when you aren’t covered.
  • Exclusions — Are there any items not covered, or do you lose coverage on individual items?
  • Pre-approval process — Is it realistic to follow authorization requirements when you're on the road?
  • Overlap original warranty — Don’t let any period of time go uncovered; your plans should bookend together.
  • Deductibles and increases in charges for usage — How much authority will you have over your deductible, and what happens when you use your MBI or extended warranty?
  • Transfer or cancellation fees if you sell your RV — A transferable MBI is a great added selling point should you sell your vehicle. Find one you can transfer.
  • Restrictions on service locations — Get the details on what your provider’s action in the event you experience a breakdown. Do they only provide coverage for certain mechanics?
  • Timeframe of eligibility to purchase service plan — If your warranty has expired, are you still eligible for an extended warranty or MBI?
  • Who is the underwriter, if anyone? — Without an underwriter, there’s risk of an extended warranty provider going out of business and not fulfilling their end of the deal.

If you are in the market for protection against breakdowns make sure to receive a FREE quote from Good Sam Extended Service Plan today. Good Sam ESP will be there when you need your repair bills paid. What will your quote look like?