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October 2015

Winterizing Your RV

10/26/2015 10:00:00 AM – Good Sam Extended Service Plan

The shorter days and cooler nights are a sign that seasonal changes are afoot. It soon will be time to get your RV ready for the cold grasp of winter. This means winterizing the unit for its long off-season hibernation.

Gas Vs. Diesel

10/16/2015 1:58:00 PM

Gas vs. diesel, when it comes to comparing engine choices in an automobile or light truck, is fairly straight forward. However, the same can’t be said about such a difference when we are discussing today’s class “A” motorhomes. The engine type and fuel are only a small part of the differences. They are totally two separate animals, each with their advantages.

Campground Halloween Spooktaculars

10/12/2015 9:17:00 AM

It’s almost time for mummies, daddy’s and li’l monsters to enjoy all the frightful fun of Halloween weekends and Spooktaculars that make fall camping so popular! As the days get shorter and the cooler weather sets in, many campgrounds gear up for the last rush of campers for the season and set the stage for their annual Halloween-themed weekends and fall festivals! At Sun RV Resorts, many of our campgrounds, especially in our northern locations, host these weekends with fun and festive activities that will get the whole family in the Halloween spirit!

Slide Roller Floor Protection

10/5/2015 7:54:00 AM

Slide-outs are a popular feature on pretty well every make of motorhome today. Originally developed by Newmar Corp., they can now be found on all makes. Depending on the manufacturer, these living-space expanders may be hydraulically or mechanically actuated. Like nearly all great features, slide-outs come with some possible trade-offs.

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